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Review the Case Statement

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* 1. Name and Organization Affiliation: (Optional - This is a confidential survey; your name will only be seen by the survey analysts at Changing Our World, Inc.)

* 2. Have you served in the Peace Corps?

* 3. Are you a member of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA)?

* 4. How long have you been involved with NPCA?

* 5. Do you believe NPCA offers valuable services to its members?

* 6. In your opinion, what are NPCA's greatest strengths?

* 7. In your opinion what are NPCA's greatest challenges/weaknesses?

The NPCA is taking on some very ambitious goals. As outlined in the case, the NPCA will be embarking on several different initiatives to strengthen efforts and raise the profile of the work its members do.

* 8. How familiar are you with NPCA's current programs?

* 9. Have you read the case abstract? (please see link above)

* 10. What is your general reaction to the case abstract?

* 11. Please rate your level of interest in the following areas that were outlined in the case:

  Strong Medium Low
Commemorative on the National Mall
Mentor Program
NPCA Community Projects
Grants Program
Partnership Facilitation
YouTube contest and archive system

* 12. Are there any additional programs that you would like to see the Association develop?

To fully realize the vision described in the case, NPCA is considering launching a major fundraising campaign to raise as much as $20 Million. Funds raised will not only secure funding for the National Mall commemorative, but will allow for the organization to further strengthen NPCA outreach efforts in raising the profile of the Peace Corps.

* 13. Have you made a philanthropic contribution to the Association in the past?

* 14. Would you contribute to a campaign in support of the projects/programs that are outlined in the case abstract?

* 15. This is not a solicitation, but for the purpose of estimating the potential of this Campaign, please indicate the gift level that you would consider.

* 16. What kinds of donor recognition would be important to you? Options might include:

* 17. Do you believe the NPCA can raise funds from the general public (i.e. non-members, non-Peace Corps volunteers, etc.)?

* 18. Do you believe NPCA members and returned Peace Corps volunteers would contribute to a campaign in support of the projects/programs outlined in the case abstract?

* 19. Do you believe that NPCA affiliate groups (e.g. "Friends of..." groups) would be interested in supporting the projects/programs outlined in the case abstract?

* 20. What individuals/leaders would you recommend we try to recruit to serve as campaign volunteers to ensure a successful campaign?

* 21. Do you foresee any obstacles to a major fundraising campaign?

* 22. In your opinion, do you feel $20 Million is a realistic campaign goal?

* 23. Would you recommend NPCA conduct a campaign in support of the projects/programs outlined in the case abstract?

* 24. Do you have any additional comments that you believe are important to the study?

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