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* 1. Sixteen (16) resolutions will be heard at the Fall 2019 Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting. Please review each resolution and then indicate your support or opposition by completing the survey below.

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1-F19. Creating a Toolkit to Optimize Physician-Led Care Teams with Advanced Practice Providers
2-F19. Establishing a Work Group to Improve Care Coordination between Hospital and
Ambulatory Care
3-F19. Recommending the Initial Referral Appointment with an Internal Medicine
Subspecialist Be Conducted by a Physician
4-F19. Insuring that ACP Guidelines Consider the Potential Adverse Effects of
5-F19. Researching and Recognizing Gender Expectations for Female Physicians
6-F19. Developing Guidelines on Treatment of Obesity to Improve Access to Obesity
7-F19. Engaging Stakeholders to Reduce Violence and Teach Conflict Resolution in U.S.
8-F19. Formulating Policy on Worker Excessive Heat Protection
9-F19.  Endorsing the Federation of State Medical Boards April 2018 Report on Stem Cell
10-F19.  Optimizing Data Coming from Pharmacy Benefit Manager Systems to Improve
Patient Prescription Adherence
11-F19. Addressing Generic Medication Recalls
12-F19. Opposing MedPac's Potential Plan to Limit the Ability of Medicare Patients to
Select a Traditional Fee for Service (FSS) Option
13-F19.  Advocating for CMS to Ease the Burdens of Risk Adjusted Factor Scoring on
Physicians Practicing in Accountable Care Organizations
14-F19. Reviewing Literature on the Impact of Informal Caregiving on Healthcare Outcomes
15-F19.  Developing Ethical Guidance on Medical Professional Online Endorsements as
Social Media Influencers
16-F19.  Opposing ‘Conscience Clauses’ as Discriminatory