PITT ARTS Free Arts Encounters Spring 2021 Survey

Hey Arts Fans,

Thanks for your interest in PITT ARTS and supporting the arts and culture of Pittsburgh!

As we continue to plan PITT ARTS Free Arts Encounters for Spring 2021, we would really like your feedback and input.

Could you please take a moment to carefully fill out the following survey?  It will help inform our future programming. This survey should take approximately 2 to 3 minutes to complete.

This e-survey is designed to learn more about you, your interests and your experience with PITT ARTS. You are required to answer all questions, unless noted as optional. Otherwise your responses will not be properly counted.


Question Title

* 1. What type of virtual PITT ARTS Free Arts Encounters would you likely attend? Please, check all that apply.

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* 2. What time would you prefer to attend Virtual PITT ARTS Free Arts Encounters? Check all that apply, please.

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* 3. If Pitt is in the Guarded Risk Phase in the Spring 2021 semester, would you be interested in attending small in-person, socially distanced Free Arts Encounters?

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* 4. What type of small in-person socially distanced Free Arts Encounter would you likely attend? These events would be on campus or within walking distance of campus. Please, check all that apply.

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* 5. Do you have any other suggestions for PITT ARTS and our Spring 2021 Free Arts Encounter Programming? (Optional)