Goosefoot would like to learn if there is enough interest in using a commercial kitchen on South that is outfitted with cold and dry storage and professionally sized food processing equipment. It's time to make a decision and we need YOUR help.

Now that the Port of South Whidbey will take over ownership and management of the Island County Fairgrounds, Goosefoot is poised to enter discussions with them about improving and enlarging the current kitchen located in the Coffman building. Our joint purpose will be to help incubate new food businesses and help local farmers as economic development is an important part of each organization's mission.

We have some ideas on how to improve upon the facility with cold & dry storage, professional equipment, and resources for food entrepreneurs. Goosefoot and the Port may also have access to funding through grants and other sources to make this possible.

But first, we need to know if there's enough interest to make such an investment in time and resources viable.

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