Dear Fellow Consumer,

I am looking for some help to improve the car-buying experience for consumers. If anything is to change, we must first ask the people who want change, to determine what those changes could be. Your responses will be part of an article published in September, the 20th anniversary special edition of Canadian AutoWorld, a business to business magainze for auto dealers, that suggests what the future car-buying process should look like from the consumer's point-of-view. Feel free to share this survey with other people you know. The more responses we receive, the better equipped we are to understand the changes consumers want. The 5 multiple choice questions will take you about 3 minutes.

This could mark a pivotal point in the history of the automotive industry! With appreciation and gratitude, please respond by April 8th...Cathy Aron - Founder, Profit Drivers Ltd. Ph: 250-888-6883

* 1. Which part of the car-buying process do you like the least?

* 2. Why is this your least favorite part of the car-buying experience?

* 3. How can we make your car-buying experience more enjoyable?

* 4. Every purchase transaction concludes with meeting the Business Manager/Finance Manager who takes payment for your purchase or arranges financing and offers you after-market products such as extended warranty plans. What part of this process do you like the least?

* 5. Specifically referring to your meeting with the Business Manager/Finance Manager, how can we make this part of the car-buying experience more enjoyable?