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H2Woe: Louisiana’s Water Worries

* 1. How concerned are you with water quality in your community?

* 2. To the best of your knowledge who controls the freshwater available in Louisiana?

* 3. In your opinion who SHOULD control the freshwater available in Louisiana?

* 4. Would you support or oppose a plan for Louisiana to sell water from in-state reservoirs to other states such as Texas?

* 5. To the best of your knowledge does the tap water in your home come from a well, a public aquifer, or public surface water?

* 6. What type of water do you drink in your home? (check all that apply)

* 7. In your opinion, which of the following is the biggest threat to the water resources of Louisiana?

* 8. How much have you heard or read about hydraulic fracturing, or fracking--a process that uses the high-pressure injection of water, sand, and chemicals to remove natural gas from rocks deep in the earth’s surface --a lot, some, not much or nothing so far?

* 9. As far as you know, do you think hydraulic fracturing or fracking is a very safe method to extract natural gas from the ground, somewhat safe, not very safe, or not at all safe?

* 10. Some people say the state should encourage hydraulic fracturing because of the economic benefits, while others say the state should NOT encourage hydraulic fracturing or fracking because of potential environmental impact. Which comes closer to your view?

* 11. In your opinion does Fracking pose a serious environmental risk to state Drinking Water?

* 12. Currently in Louisiana, the state CHARGES for the use of SURFACE water resources that are normally in abundance, while allowing the FREE withdrawal of GROUNDWATER resources that are often in limited supply. Which of the following three statements comes closest to your view on this?

* 13. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking is a process that requires using large quantities of water to extract natural gas from the ground. If a local community has concerns about the use of their groundwater by a drilling company, should the local parish have the option to restrict water use even though the state has approved the company’s drilling permit?

* 14. The groundwater sources which provide drinking water to the Baton Rouge area are facing declining water levels and possible saltwater intrusion due to years of use by both the water company and industry. What would you favor as a solution: