Cloud Journey Program – The “big how” for Cloud/SaaS

This survey highlights four important aspects that play a role in shaping your cloud journey: business value pursued, people & organization, technology, challenges to resolve – the big how for Cloud and will allow you to baseline yourself to see where you are in your journey and compare to others.

For the purpose of the survey the following definitions are used:

•  The Cloud = SaaS and Public Cloud in all its permutations: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud native, Managed Public Cloud, etc. In this survey “Cloud & SaaS” is used to avoid potential confusion.

•  The Operational Backbone –  the foundation for a company’s enterprise processes and their operational excellence – and Digital Platform – the foundation for a company’s digital offerings and their rapid innovation – refers to architecting your company for the Digital economy, a recent publication from MIT.

The intent is to also provide a scorecard for your organization including financial perspectives on overall economics and impact on cost structure. To that extent some more granular questions are asked but positioned as optional if directional information is not readily available or to limited the time needed to finalize the survey.
Strategic objectives and context

Question Title

* 1. What is the strategic agenda of your organization and what are the primary objectives related to technology?

  No Opinion Disagree Somewhat Agree Agree Strongly Agree
Fundamental Business Transformation
New Digital Growth/ Innovation
Operating Model Transformation
IT Transformation
Increasing online revenues
Digital Innovation
Operational Excellence or profitability

Question Title

* 2. How far are you with establishing the platforms in architecting your company for the Digital economy?

  Limited investments Expanding investments/ experiments Committed & rolling out Widely adopted & valuable
Operational Backbone – the systems (e.g. ERP, CRM) Processes & Data supporting your core transactions)
Digital Platform – the business, data & infrastructure(s) facilitating rapid innovation & enhancement of offerings
Integration & Data Management – linking operational backbone and digital platform
Ecosystem Platform – platform supporting partners in contributing and using digital components

Question Title

* 3. Which statements correctly identify your organization’s level of Cloud adoption?

Select all that apply

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* 4. Which statements correctly identify your organization’s level of Cloud maturity (skills/capabilities)? Select all that apply. My organization is ...

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* 5. How would you rate the speed of your Cloud transformation, comparing to desired?

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