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This is our sixth installment of the Customer Service usage and adoption survey.  Thanks for helping along the way.

We are striving to cover the present and future of Customer Service and we will cover the most important aspects of customer service today and into the next five years. We will ask you questions about each of the areas where most customer service organizations are investing today: we want to learn your thoughts about agents, mobile, self-service, social customer service and even the infrastructure for the future of contact centers.

This survey has 16 questions and you can finish it in 15-20 minutes - which we very much appreciate.

All the information you provide is completely anonymous and won't be shared individually.  ThinkJar retains all the data and we never, ever release it to anyone in any form remotely close to identifiable information.

We will send you the results via email as a token of gratitude, just give us your address (again, not shared or sold or rented or...).