For individuals returning from incarceration, successful reentry depends on intergovernmental collaboration that is responsive to both community and returnees’ needs, so that chances for recidivism are minimized and public health and safety are maximized. That’s especially true in American Indian country, where the complex nature of jurisdiction makes coordination among tribal, federal, state, and local justice systems particularly challenging. The Bureau of Justice Assistance, in partnership with the American Probation and Parole Association, will host an in-person, state-based Tribal Intergovernmental Reentry Workshop for the successful applicant for this competitive training opportunity. This interactive workshop will provide participants with the tools they need to develop effective reentry plans based on the sharing of operational, organizational, and culture-based concepts and processes that result in the identification of critical services and interventions needed to reduce recidivism and victimization.
The state-based workshop will be offered to interested tribes that wish to develop a better understanding of the state department of corrections and Federal Bureau of Prisons recidivism reduction programming and reentry services to improve their own reentry strategy. Applicants for this workshop will need to demonstrate that their state department of corrections is willing to participate. This training will include interested tribes within a single state based on the selected applications. State participation must include representatives from institutional and
community corrections agencies, courts, and pretrial services (if applicable). Federal representatives will include U.S. Probation, U.S. Attorney's Office, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and Bureau of Indian Affairs.
The date and location of the state-based workshop will be determined once the successful applicant is selected through the competitive process.
Applications are due by December 1, 2023. For questions regarding the application process, please contact Mark Dyea at 859-244-8176 or If you would like a PDF copy of the application for review, please email either Mark Dyea or Travis Johnson ( Please understand that only one state will be selected for this training opportunity. To proceed with completing and submitting an application for your state to be considered to attend one workshop, please click "Next" below.