Submit this form to request a change to a project in the FY2018-2022 Regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

For more details on procedures regarding TIP amendments and administrative modifications, refer to the COMPASS Procedure for TIP Amendments/Modifications.

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* 2. Date of Request


* 3. Key Number (as shown in the FY2018-2022 TIP)

* 4. Project Title (as shown in the FY2018-2022 TIP)

* 5. Do you anticipate the requested change will constitute an amendment or an administrative modification?  Unsure? Use the TIP amendment policy for guidance. If you anticipate you will need an amendment, or if you are unsure, contact Toni Tisdale at 475-2238 or ASAP.

* 7. If this is a joint project, have you discussed the changes with the partnering agency(ies)?

* 9. Please explain the revision (e.g., increase CN $150,000)

* 10. Offset (e.g., KN XXXX or urban balancing)
(Complete a separate form for the offset, if necessary)

* 11. Brief explanation of why the change is needed (limit of 300 characters)

* 12. Additional comments (limit of 300 characters)

* 13. Upload additional information, if needed (e.g., if funded by the STP or TAP programs, upload official letter to request additional federal funds)

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