1. Ticket to Work – Application- INTRO

About the Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work (TTW) is an employment program run by the Social Security Administration (SSA). It is voluntary for both the beneficiary as well as the provider agency, known as an Employment Network (EN). AHEDD is such an agency. Our role is to do all we can to help you to reduce and, in some cases, replace your disability benefits with greater income through employment. Please note, you will not be penalized if you cannot become self-supporting; however, enrolling in TTW means you agree to do your best to achieve these goals.

Following the awarding of SSA benefits, all job-seeking beneficiaries between the ages of 18-64 are eligible to become Ticket Holders and participate in TTW for employment services to help in finding and retaining a job. Ticket availability can be verified by the TTW Operations Support Manager, Maximus, at the Ticket to Work Helpline (866) 968-7842.

ENs are paid by SSA only after a beneficiary job-seeker becomes employed and begins earning wages at national TTW benchmarks over a period of time. In addition to ENs, a Ticket Holder can also seek services from their state Vocational Rehabilitation program. And following their successful completion of that program, they can take their Ticket to an EN for supports to maintain and advance in employment. In order to determine whether AHEDD’s TTW Program is suited to your individual circumstances, we would appreciate your responses to this initial questionnaire.

Your responses are confidential.