2019 TIA Workshop Registration Form

Thank you for registering for the inaugural TIA workshop. This collaborative event is intended to help strengthen organizations' approach to providing trauma-informed care to their clients and consumers.

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1. How much do you know about ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences)?
2. How much do you know about N.E.A.R Science?
3. Anyone can experience Trauma or even toxic stress/ Is there a need to build prevention approaches in our communities?
4. How much information do you have about protective factors? Do you know what they are?
5. Do you believe that adversity such as poverty, delimits an individual's outcome in life?
6. Communities need to work together to address the impact of trauma and toxic stress in families.
7. If there was anything within your power you could do to bring a more resilient community together, would you be apart of it?
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