As part of the framework of the International Year of the Youth, the United Nations will host a High Level Meeting on Youth from July 25-26,2011. South Asia Regional Youth Network of IPPF proposes to undertake a bold initiative involving all young people affiliated with the IPPF member associations across the South Asia region.

This survey is a part of that initiative where we seek to gather information on issues of access and advocacy relating to sexual and reproductive health, as well as effective tools and solutions for maintaining and improving the dialogue needed for change.

Please respond to these short questions and share the survey with other young advocates in your organization.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 4. In your country, what are the three (3) main problems that young people face in accessing sexual and reproductive health services and comprehensive sexuality education?

* 5. What are the three (3) main issues that your government needs to address about sexual and reproductive health and Rights of young people in South Asia during the upcoming HLM on youth?

* 6. Name 3 people Who will you be directing your advocacy towards and at what level of political representation do they operate? Include names and contacts (e mail address)where available.This person could be State, National or regional level, UN Representative and etc.

* 7. Can you suggest three (3) strategies that young people could use to effectively communicate their messages to the decision makers at the HLM on Youth?

* 8. How can the government effectively promote dialogue and mutual understanding even beyond the International Year of Youth?