Participation Agreement

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Before you apply, be sure you commit to the following:
1) Participants commit to participating in an open learning network to share best practices, problems and solutions.  This will include having at least one active representative participate in every-other-month national conference calls to share program models in some detail together, discuss successes, jointly brainstorm solutions to problems. In addition, sites agree to a monthly call with SCCM’s Thrive Organizer to share successes and problems. 
(2) Participants will send at least one representative to the next SCCM Annual Congress to participate in a panel discussion on establishing in-person sites. 
(3) Participants are committed to trying additional models of establishing a group if the first model is not successful.
(4) Participants agree to participate in some form of quality improvement data collection as developed by the network themselves.
(5) Participants will submit an end-of-year report.
(6) Our Hospital Administrative leadership (CEO or other and CNO) and our ICU Leadership have read the document and understand all of the requirements to participate in this support network. We understand that administrative sponsors must commit to supporting the staff during this quality improvement program with the resources necessary to be successful. 

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