* 1. Since releasing the LinkedIn Selling System 2.0 back in September and hearing so much great feedback and so many success stories from Owners of the course, I've been quietly working on a new course - a much more systematic one - I haven't decided on a title yet but "The LinkedIn Lead Machine" would be appropriate!

This will be an online course, it will include interactive coursework, videos, worksheets, spreadsheets, timelines and LinkedIn activity schedules, downloads, and maybe even an optional hands-on coaching program and/or live Q&A calls for Owners.

In other words, what I'm working on doing is distilling everything I know about LinkedIn, and what I continue to learn that works in my own businesses, into a very systematic turn-key "plug and play" solution to generate leads and sales from LinkedIn on total autopilot.

However, before I finalize everything, I need YOUR help. I need to make sure I have it all covered and am not missing anything.

So, what is your #1 TOP question about LinkedIn that I need to address in this course?

* 2. Which of these best describes you? Please choose one.

* 3. OPTIONAL: Please rank each of the following topics in importance to you:

  1 - No Problem! 2 - Maybe a Problem 3 - It's Important 4 - It's Very Important 5 - "Help Me NOW!" Not Applicable to Me
Finding a better job using LinkedIn
Having an organized activity schedule for LinkedIn
Having a methodology to organize my LinkedIn contacts and track activity
Building my LinkedIn network
Hiring better people using LinkedIn
Taking LinkedIn contacts "offline" into appointments
Generating leads on LinkedIn
Generating repeat business using LinkedIn (customer retention)
Closing sales from LinkedIn-generated leads