Survey 3 of 4 for parents of teens.

First of all, if you are NOT a parent of a teenage child, this survey isn't for you.

Secondly, wouldn’t it be great if someone created a series of videos and podcasts to help teenagers understand money and get the most fulfillment from their financial decisions?

Guess what.

It’s coming.

No joke. I’ll be launching the first episodes in February 2018.


The #askLyndsie show: a Podcast and YouTube channel dedicated to sharing with teens the best tried-and-true ways to earn, save and invest money.

Shows will be packed with real-life money lessons presented in easy to understand language by a Mom, financial consultant, author & teenager-at-heart, and will often feature interviews with successful young adults, like the one in my latest eBook, which you can get for FREE here.

Thanks for contributing your valuable insight to the #askLyndsie show by completing this survey! I hope you'll complete the three other surveys for parents of teens, too! You'll find them all at

With personal service and #supermompower,

Lyndsie Barrie
Mother. Author. Financial Consultant.

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* 1. Provide the current age of your teenaged child.

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* 2. On a scale of 1-5, how much do you think your teenaged child knows about earning money through investing in other people's companies?

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* 3. Rate the following investment topics from 1-6, with 1 being the topic you are most comfortable discussing and 6 being the topic you are least comfortable discussing with your teenager.

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* 4. What area(s) of investing have you thoroughly explained to your teenager?

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* 5. How strongly do you agree with this statement:

"Every teenager should be saving 10-30% of his/her money, and half should be invested with the long-term goal of passive income."  ?

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* 6. How well has your child's school curriculum prepared your child for selecting investments and earning passive income?

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* 7. Describe your best experience with investing. Perhaps it's an important lesson you learned or a big win you made on an investment.

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* 8. List 1-3 investing concepts that you would like to have explained to your teen in the form of a podcast or YouTube video.

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* 9. Describe your worst experience with investing. Perhaps it's a bad investment advisor, a huge loss, or discovering something you wish you'd known a lot sooner.