The School Climate Survey is an opportunity for parents to respond to questions around rules/norms, safety, school connecteness, leadership, and teaching and learning.  Please respond to this survey from the perspective of your oldest child in Stamford Public Schools.  Schools will use your responses, along with those of staff and students to address school climate issues.

* 1. In what school is your oldest child?

* 2. Please respond to the following statements.  If you have more than one child in the Stamford Public Schools, please answer these statements with your oldest student in mind.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
I feel welcome at my child’s school.
I talk with my child’s teacher(s) about my child’s schoolwork, challenges, and academic progress
This school offers me many ways to be involved in my child’s education.
My child is safe at school.
My child is challenged to meet high expectations at school.
I often communicate with my child’s teacher(s), whether in person, by phone, by email, or in some other way.
I know how my child is doing in school before I get my child’s report card.
I am satisfied with the response I get when I contact my child’s school with questions or concerns.
Bullying is not a problem at my child’s school.
The school climate supports learning.
If my child has a problem, there is someone at school who can help.
I talk with my child’s teacher(s) about what I can do to help my child learn.
My child’s school is sensitive to issues regarding race, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities.
My child’s school provides students with helpful information about preparation for college or other career choices. [HIGH SCHOOL ONLY]
My child’s teacher(s) treat me with respect.
My child is learning a lot in school this year.
School rules are clear.
Children help each other in classes.
The school facilities are clean and well-maintained.
My child’s school communicates well with me.
I know the Acceptable Use Policy for my child to access digital media in the school.
I would recommend this school to friends and family.  Please describe further below.

* 3. Did you attend Open House/Back to School Night this year?

* 4. In school, my child's grades are... (Leave this question blank if not applicable.)

* 5. What is your child's race or ethnicity? Pick as many as apply.

* 6. If you have younger children, please indicate which school(s) your younger children attend?  Mark as many schools as applicable.

* 7. Please add any additional comments for your child's school to consider.