Dancewize will be providing Crowd Care. You'll find them next to First Aid, located just down from the front entry gates in the Main Arena. 

2)  SAFE WORD – Ask for Angela
This That will have ‘Ask for Angela’ in place at the festival.

Who is Angela and why should I ask for her?
The NSW Government begun trailing the internationally recognised “Ask for Angela” safety campaign in Sydney’s CBD, hoping to prevent sexual assaults the city in July 2018.

It encourages patrons to approach any staff member at participating venues and “Ask for Angela” if they feel unsafe, harrassed or have been put in a compromising situation. The sentence acts as a code to discreetly alert staff, who then escort the affected person to safety or contact authorities for further assistance.

Ask for Angela sends a message that creepy behaviour will not be tolerated and that nobody has the right to make anyone else feel threatened in any way. If you or your mates experience any creepy behaviour, you too can ‘Ask for Angela.’

DanceWize NSW is here for you! We are program run by party goers for party goers. DW NSW will operate a fixed Education/Care Space next to first aid and Rovers at THIS THAT 2019. The DW NSW Education Space is a central-point where all party goers can access free health and welfare education, support and/or supplies e.g sexual health supplies, sunscreen, earplugs, lollipops and water with electrolytes. 

The Care Space is a space where DW NSW’s trained Key Peer Educators (KPEs) can provide support for intoxicated persons experiencing distress, provide a safe space for victims of sexual assault/harassment, and work together with medical to enhance safety and well being for party goers.
Rovers provide non-judgmental education and chats, and scan for party goers who may benefit from closer attention at the DW NSW Care Space and accompany them to medical or peer-led DanceWize care. Rovers also support party goers by scanning for anti-social behaviour and sexual assault, and working alongside security. 

There will also be 5 Drums of Staminade (Electrolyte Drinks) across the bars at THIS THAT with a staff member managing and refilling the drums, to assist in patron re-hydration and replenishing electrolytes.
Dancewize NSW is all about safer partying. Dancewize NSW will have a dedicated safe space at This That for anyone wanting alcohol and drug related safer partying information and support for you or any of your crew experiencing:

Anxiety or distress
Sexual harassment or assault
Mental health issues
A general feeling of being unsafe at the event
They’ll also have a roving team, so look out for the Purple shirts!

How will I know if someone needs help?
The person may be unconscious, unable to walk, vomiting or have shallow breathing.
The person may be clenching, grinding jaw, eyes wobbling or large pupils, agitated, overly energetic or confused.
The person may be confused, anxious, paranoid, hallucinating or displaying odd behaviour.

It’s everyone’s responsibility at This That to make sure your fellow festival goers feel safe and have a good time.
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