The Canadian Nurses Association is looking for your registered nursing feedback on a revised Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. Please click here to review the Code before providing your feedback in the questions below. We ask you complete the survey by Friday, April 28.

* 1. The Code is presently used by nursing regulatory bodies as expectations of practice. The intent of this refresh is to continue to support the use of the Code for this purpose. What editorial changes are needed to allow the Code to continue to be used this way?

* 2. What wording would you suggest in the sections “Purpose of the Code” and “Using the Code in Nursing Practice” to improve the utility of the Code by nursing regulatory bodies and members in Canada?

* 3. As the Code refresh has progressed, some text has been challenging to adapt. Specific examples include:
  • The use of the wording “persons with whom the nurse has developed a therapeutic relationship”
  • The use of words “must” and “should” throughout the document
  • The inclusion of “formal nurse leaders”
  • The use of the word “compassionate”
Please provide your suggestions for how any of this terminology can best be improved.

* 4. Does this refreshed version of the Code provide guidance for your practice? Please explain your answer in the box below.

* 5. Please share anything else you'd like to add in the box below.