We need your help to make your City a more accessible place for people with disabilities!

The purpose of this survey is to record your experiences using City facilities. The results of this survey will be incorporated in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan that is currently underway by the City of Des Moines. This information will help ensure that City programs and services are accessible to people with disabilities, and will assist in implementing physical City improvements that need to be made in the future.

For alternate survey formats (paper, large font, audio, Braille), please contact Andrew Merges at 206-870-6568 or

First, we'd like to learn a little bit about you and how you get around.

* 1. Please check all that applies to you.

* 2. How often do you visit or access any City-owned facility or building (Marina, City Hall, Schools, Municipal Court, etc)?

* 3. How do you travel to City-owned facilities or buildings?

* 4. Have you encountered any barriers to accessing any City-owned facility or building? If so, please describe the situation below.

* 5. Do you participate in any city programs or activities? (e.g. summer parks and recreation programs, city council meetings, etc.)

* 6. Have you encountered any barriers to participating in a city program or activity?  If so, please describe the situation in the box below.

* 7. Do you use a regular or electric wheelchair?

* 8. Do you use a walker or crutch?

* 9. Do you have impaired vision?

* 10. Do you have impaired hearing?

* 11. Which of the situations listed below make it most difficult for you to navigate a sidewalk and curb ramp?  Select your top 3 choices.

* 12. Which of the situations listed below make it most difficult to navigate a traffic signal?

* 13. Which of the destinations below are most important to fix for increased accessibility? Select your top 5 choices.

* 14. If you have specific problems getting around on City of Des Moines streets because of missing, inaccessible, or damaged sidewalks and/or ramps, traffic signals that do not help you safely cross the street, or objects in your way, please tell us about the specific problem and location

* 15. Do you have other ADA accessibility concerns?