Dear Spine Care Community, 

This survey comprises 19 questions and will take approximately 5-8 minutes to complete.
The survey has been developed to better understand Diversity and Inclusion in the field of spine care.

The aims of this survey are:
·      To map the Diversity profile of our subspecialty
·      To assess how well our workforce reflects the diversity of our patients
·      To assess perceptions of the safety and professional development opportunities in the work environment
·      To monitor the diversity of the talent pipeline
·      To evaluate the potential impact of unconscious bias
·      To assess a baseline upon which to monitor over time the impact of our diversity and inclusion initiatives
The THEMIS Task Force has done its best to ensure that the survey is Respectful, Accurate and Confidential, guaranteeing the following points:
·      Participation in the survey is voluntary
·      Best practice recommendations have been used to create the survey, with recognition that some questions may be sensitive
·      Diversity is explored including a wide range of response options
·      The option ‘other’ has been excluded where possible, preferring ‘please specify/prefer not to say’
·      All information provided will be treated anonymously and confidentially
THEMIS Task Force