1. Midwest/ West - Round 3

* 1. Before you get started, tell us who you are!

* 2. In the last round, Ginnifer Goodwin picked off American Idol contestant Lil Rounds.

Justin Timberlake soundly took care of Kathy Bates.

That leaves the two hometown hotties in a match-up of SexyBack versus Big Love.

Yes, Timberlake's been on the scene longer, but Goodwin's never had a wardrobe malfunction, as far as we know. And she's just so cute. Then again, has Goodwin invested in a green golf course in Millington?

We don't know. We like them both. You decide.

* 3. Here we have a meeting of two Memphis music legends: Al Green and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Al Green may have his church and Jerry Lee Lewis might have settled down a bit, but they're both still pretty bad-ass. Witness the fact that both of them will be performing at Memphis In May.

But does soul triumph over rock'n'roll?

* 4. Sometimes the bracket matches up interesting pairs, there's no two ways about it.

In this competition, we have attorney Leslie Ballin versus WMC-TV weatherman Dave Brown.

Ballin's client list has included preacher's wife Mary Winkler, basketball players and politicians. But Brown's client list includes a good portion of the Mid-South.

But you might turn to either one of them if you're facing stormy weather ... so which is it?

* 5. After defeating both the old and new guard — former CA editor Angus McEachran and blogger Paul Ryburn, respectively — CA sports columnist Geoff Calkins and Flyer senior editor John Branston square off on deadline.

Full disclosure: We know Branston, so in the interest of fairness, we will offer no commentary. You know what to do.