* 1. Some details about you... Please give a name, year of birth & whatever details you'd like to share about your family background & occupation.

* 2. What are your first memories of clothes?
Have you saved any clothes from childhood?

* 3. What did you wear to your first dance/disco/date? What about school clothes - love or loathe?

* 4. Who or what were your fashion inspirations? Where did you shop?

* 5. Go on, share with us: what's the most embarrassing outfit you've ever worn? (Have you kept photos??)

* 6. If you've been married, what did you wear for the occasion? What happened to the outfit afterwards? Any anecdotes from the big day...?

* 7. Do you have any memories of older generations' clothes? Perhaps memories of your grandfather in a suit & tie, or your grandmother complaining of her stays?

* 8. What's your favourite garment ever? Have you still got it? Do you still wear it?

* 9. What sort of clothes are you comfiest in nowadays? do you buy clothes for keeps or for a quick fashion fix?

* 10. Are you happy for your replies and photographs to be included in the History Wardrobe oral history of clothes?
You can contact History Wardrobe for more information and address to mail pictures on lucy@historywardrobe.com
Thank you so much for your reply!