What is the LCAP?

The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) provides an opportunity for LEAs to share their stories of how, what, and why programs and services are selected and provided to support positive student outcomes across a broad spectrum of areas. The LCAP is intended to capture the level and type of information that comprises a good strategic plan. It does not ask for details about specific actions or tasks; rather it focuses on strategic goals, progression of outcomes, and services and related expenditures based on local need. The key determinant of what makes a good LCAP is what happens after it is written. Ideally, the process for assessing needs, developing goals, identifying services, and creating a spending plan generates a sense of focus, purpose, and motivation to support the plan’s implementation (LCFF-WestEd). Soledad Unified School District is currently in the process of collecting data in order reevaluate our current goals and actions. This data includes reclassification, catch-up and follow-up numbers for ELs, suspension rates, attendance, high school graduation and dropout rates, parental input and parental involvement rates, and etc. There is a multitude of data points which will be shared with all stakeholders in order to make informed planning steps for next year's LCAP.

Directions: Listed below are areas of importance for student success as identified by Soledad Unified School District. Using the scale below, rank each area from 1-5, expressing the relative importance you think the District should give to each area over the next couple of years. Please note any additional ideas or suggestions in the last section for comments.  Surveys done on the District website need to be completed by March 24th. Those that did paper copy surveys, please return the completed surveys to your child's school site office before March 24th.

* 1. I am

* 2. I attend or am most closely aligned to the following School:

* 3. Increase graduation rate with college and career readiness for all students.

* 4. School Redesign: Rethink our school structure, time and space to inspire students and provide personalized and transformational learning experiences and college and career pathways for high school students.

* 5. High quality staff: SUSD attracts, recruits, supports and retains a highly effective and diverse workforce.

* 6. Systematic instructional framework: SUSD will implement a highly structured process for teaching and learning to address and support the needs of all student population.

* 7. Common Core implementation: SUSD implements new K-12 national standards that ensure all students attain deeper knowledge and skills and are college and career ready.

* 8. Intervention and enrichment: SUSD identifies instructional needs of all students, including those behind and ahead of grade level, and provide an effective response to help achieve full potential.

* 9. Comprehensive assessment: Continuous formative checks for understanding that drive instruction and summative assessments that align to Common Core Standards are implemented.

* 10. Research based accountability and support: SUSD demonstrates effective, efficient and exemplary practices in all divisions, department, and schools.

* 11. System of accountability:  SUSD has designed and implemented a results driven accountability and support system that transparently highlights areas of improvement in student achievement, attendance, suspension and expulsion rates.

* 12. Student Engagement: SUSD has designed and implemented a responsive process that ensures student safety satisfaction and engagement through surveys and daily attendance, monthly suspension, and expulsion.

* 13. Employee engagement: SUSD has designed and implemented responsive processes that ensure employee satisfaction and engagement.

* 14. Parent Engagement: SUSD offers family literacy nights, as well as PTO, Site Council & ELAC meetings to involve families.

* 15. Recruitment and induction: SUSD offers a new and improved system for recruiting, hiring and induction for new teachers.

* 16. Professional growth and evaluation system: SUSD has implemented a professional growth system for all employees to sustain and improve performance, including effective evaluation tools, recognition for high performance, support for low performance and career pathways.

* 17. How can SUSD help more students attend school regularly?

* 18. How can SUSD help more students do well in their classes?

* 19. How can SUSD help more students be better prepared for high school?

* 20. How can SUSD help more students to prepare for college and careers?

* 21. How can SUSD help more parents to become involved in our schools?

* 22. How best would you like to receive SUSD LCAP updates, data, and information?

  No, Thank you. Yes, but it's not preferred. Preferred
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