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We welcome your application to take part in the ClimateWatch in Parks program! 

In partnership with Parks Victoria, Earthwatch is connecting schools and community groups to their Parks and training them to monitor local plants and animals for climate change impacts. Through app-based technology, Victorian schools and community groups will collect images and record behavioural and geographical data on select species along their local ClimateWatch trail. The increased scientific knowledge aims to inform Park Victoria's management and intervention strategies for species and ecosystems at risk.

School participants will be provided ClimateWatch resources (including free curriculum resources), training in the ClimateWatch app, species identification and will be supported locally by Parks Victoria rangers and community groups.

Program commitments are listed below. If you have any questions or concerns about these commitments, please don’t hesitate to raise these with ClimateWatch Program Manager, Nadiah Roslan
E: nroslan@earthwatch.org.au
T: 03 9016 7590

School Expectations:
  1. Minimum one teacher to attend ClimateWatch PD workshop/webinar alongside other teachers and participating groups 
  2. Partnering with a minimum of one local community group to undertake one to four monitoring activities per year at their local ClimateWatch trail.
  3. Embedding the ClimateWatch program into core school activities, or integrating ClimateWatch to an existing school subject or program.
  4. Training a further 2 teachers in their school/geographic region to ensure continuity and growth of the program in regional school networks.
  5. Teacher and student participation in pre and post surveys for program evaluation (no personal information is shared)
Council/Community group Expectations:
  1. Attend ClimateWatch PD workshop alongside teachers and other participating groups
  2. Support participating local school in ongoing monitoring of trails by providing expert knowledge on local flora and fauna
  3. Utilise network to engage more schools
  4. Supplementing school data collection by scheduling own ClimateWatch monitoring activities
  5. Participate in pre and post surveys for program evaluation

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