1. Performance Indicator

* 1. Please rate the following questions.

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The quality of our responses to your questions and concerns.
The timeliness of OU and Board of Directors communication.
How IACEHOF keeps you informed of changes.
How well IACEHOF anticipates your needs and provides assistance pro actively.
How well the IACEHOF newsletter meets your needs for information
HOW easy is the IACEHOF to work with
Overall, how do you rank IACEHOF services to you.

* 2. How would you prefer for us to provide most communications?

* 3. What should we improve on (please be specific)?

* 4. What do we do well?

* 5. What are the most important challenges facing IACE this year.

* 6. How can we better engage your participation in the HOF?

* 7. Please provide any additional comments.