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Go out to dinner or brunch with GWAN!

GWAN will be hosting five (5) Dinners/Brunches With Strangers events this quarter. This is a way for you to meet and connect with a diverse group of graduate and professional women. Dinners and brunches are hosted at restaurants around Evanston or Chicago by a member of the GWAN Leadership Team. So don’t worry about not knowing anyone—it’s all about meeting new people and building new connections!

Below are the dates and locations of the dinners and brunches to choose from. Meals last approximately 1.5 hours. Please indicate your first, second, third, and fourth choices by filling out the information below. If demand exceeds available spots, a lottery system will be used to select dinner/brunch participants.

Meals this quarter

Feb. 5th (Sun): Bravo!
(Italian, Evanston, link to map and review), 1pm
Feb. 12th (Sun): Ras Dashen
(Ethiopian, Chicago, link to map and reviews), 630pm
Feb. 18th (Sat) : Elly's Pancake House
(breakfast, Chicago, link to map and reviews), noon (12pm)
Feb. 24th (Fri): 676 Restaurant & Bar
(American, Restaurant Week, Chicago, link to map and reviews), 7pm *** [This is for Chicago's Restaurant Week. GWAN will subsidize the cost and attendees will be expected to pay $19 for the $33 option; more for the $44 option. link to restaurant week menu)]
Mar. 7th (Wed): Lucky Platter
(American, Evanston, link to map and reviews), 7pm

Please select your first, second, and third choice for dinner or brunch:

  First Second Third
2/5 (Sun) - Bravo! (brunch)
2/12 (Sun) - Ras Dashen (dinner)
2/18 (Sat) - Elly's Pancake House (brunch)
2/24 (Fri) - 676 Restaurant (dinner)***
3/7 (Wed) - Lucky Platter (dinner)

First Name:

Last Name:

Email Address:

Your Northwestern Graduate or Professional school/department and research group (e.g. Mechanical Engineering; Chemistry; Speech Pathology, etc):

Did you attend a Dinner With Strangers event during last quarter?