1. International Postcard Swap for Families

Please help me to improve the mechanics of the postcard swap so we can do it bigger and better next year!

* 1. This time round I asked participants to send only 5 cards. If I do another postcard swap how many cards would you be happy to send (internationally)?

* 2. If you would like me to keep your email address on file so that I can contact you next time I hold a swap, please provide your email in the box below.

* 3. In this swap I arranged it so that the cards you sent were to different families than those sending you cards. In a future postcard swap how would you like it to be arranged?

* 4. I'm aware that the swap had some glitches - for example, many people had to send at least one card within their home country (indeed many US families couldn't take part in the international swap at all). In order to improve the swap for next time, please provide any suggestions you have for an even better swap.