* 1. Please indicate your relationship to the Department of History at CSULB.

* 2. If you are an alumna/alumnus of the History Department at CSULB or hold a Social Science credential from CSULB, please indicate when you graduated with your most recent degree

* 3. Please indicate your principal activity at the time of this survey

* 4. If you are currently employed, please indicate the type of work in which you are currently engaged

* 5. Please indicate your occupational category

* 6. Please indicate which statement best reflects the relationship of your major to your employment

* 7. If you are working in or studying a field unrelated to your History major/minor, please answer the following

* 8. When thinking about your experience as a history major/minor at CSULB, please indicate the three elements you found most valuable as a student

* 9. My education in History at CSULB prepared me well in the following skill areas (please select all that apply)

* 10. I would be interested in the following

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