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"The Glow Inc." is a beauty services marketplace for industry professionals and clients.

Majority of the salon industry in Indonesia comprises standalone outlets, where most of them suffer from lack of back-end infrastructure, standardization, technological automation, intelligent pricing, branding, and marketing, amongst many others. We are here to provide a supportive ecosystem to bring them out of this crisis. We are here to empower freelancers to balance their work and hobby as well as help them gain profits from their passions. We take away the hassle of endless customer chats about the availability of a professional by implementing smart scheduling system. Furthermore, we provide valuable customer data and feedback so that salon owners and freelancers can improve their services.

Professionals can manage their businesses, showcase their products and services, increase online exposure and reach new clients. This platform also allows beauticians and salons to protect their private information by keeping their personal data (mobile number and email) private, takes away the hassle of endless WhatsApp notifications about availability and helps manage time. In addition, it allows new professionals to get discovered without spending their own money on Instagram advertising and setting up their websites.

For customers, provides trusted feedback on the services and venues, allows to evaluate options, instantly book appointments anytime anywhere, as well as prepay their bookings with online payments.

If you would like to know more about our services, please complete the survey below and leave us your contact, so we can reach you.

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