Let’s Dream Together, Rolando!
The RCC Community Improvements Team (CIT) wants to hear from you!

Over the past couple of years suggestions have been gathered from Community members for possible improvement projects. Examples of projects successfully executed due to efforts by both RCC and individuals include catwalk clean-ups, Clay Park clean-ups, and our freshly painted lampposts. (Go Team!) The CIT is working to continue to collaborate with the Community to provide support for our collective visions for Rolando.

This questionnaire is designed to help us organize our efforts and establish priorities.

Please take a moment to review and answer the survey questions. Your participation is key! Please also let us know if you would like to take an active role or assist in any of these projects.

Shorter Term Projects
(mostly one day efforts, some organization required)

* 1. Clay Park Cleanups

* 2. Catwalk Cleanups

* 3. Assist neighbors who cannot afford or are physically
unable to improve front yards

* 4. Clean Up El Cajon Blvd / University Ave