Training Industry strives to understand and explain best practices in learning and development (L&D) processes. Through rigorous research, we've developed the Training Manager Competency Model.
The following self-assessment offers an opportunity for you to assess your knowledge, skills and abilities in reference to this model. Upon completion, we recommended that you take time to reflect on your competencies and develop a plan for your continued professional growth in these areas. 

To that end, as you complete each section of the self-assessment, you will receive customized feedback. At the end of the assessment, you will also be given the opportunity to schedule time with Training Industry's professional development staff to discuss your results and your personalized plan for development. 
Note: The data you provide in this assessment may be used for research purposes. Training Industry, Inc. always keeps all individual survey data strictly confidential and only presents results in summary format. You will not be identified in any research reports as an outcome of your participation in this self-assessment.

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