I Am Going To Send Broadcast Energy Blasts City Wide

energy blastI am Ethan Borg, the EMtuitive, and for years I have sent out hundreds of thousands of broadcast energy blasts to interested parties all across the globe to help with countless health complaints. Instead of hundreds of thousands of energy blasts over years, I now plan on sending hundreds of thousands of blasts in a single day at a single moment on your community's behalf to focus on a single, specific issue shared among this cohort.  I want to help whole cities (only of consenting adults of course) around a single complaint -- just to see how many people we can benefit in a single day. You can assist me with your input as to where I should send energy and what issues I should focus on.

For instance, if you are in San Diego and there is an outbreak of food poisoning, you can suggest treating everyone who is interested in the city for E. Coli associated pathogen (we call infectious organisms pathogens in Chinese medicine and I would treat pathogens in Chinese medicine I associate with E. Coli). If you are in Sydney Australia and it is allergy season, we can organize to send a Blast to reduce allergies across the area. 
Things you should know about my healing events:
  • Every participant will be asked to agree to my Informed Consent in order to participate.
  • I won't be charging participants for this event though I might ask for donations after.
  • The event will focus on a single issue across all participants.
  • It will be held at a specific day at a specific time TBD based on my very busy clinical schedule. I will provide at least 30 days heads up so that there is time to coordinate.
  • There won't be any guarantees for participants that they will feel better, but I certainly will try my best to help each and every person who is interested.
  • Some issues cause Herxheimer Reactions when blasted where people might feel worse before they feel better for a period of a few days, and this will be made explicit should the issue we select pose this as a potential issue.
Ethan Borg
Things to know about me:

I am a 20 year veteran in classical Chinese medicine and I know my craft and love what I do. My degree is M.A.OM which stands for Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Upon winning the Miki Shima Life Long Learning Fellowship, I focused on the classics of Chinese medicine which opened my eyes up to energy medicine being the fundamental basis of Chinese medicine.
My practice has been a gangbuster success because of my professionalism and compassionate care.
No one can do what I can do. Even though I teach people my method, I stand alone in being able to offer this citywide therapy and I also stand alone in having the confidence that I can successfully help a huge number of people who choose to participate.

Finally, you should know, this is going to be fun!

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* 1. I need to know the following and won't share it with anyone else:

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* 2. What are the top three health issues you think I should focus on during this broadcast energy blast event with consenting adults across your city/region?

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* 3. I will need help recruiting people who might want to participate. Will you help me publicize this healing event?

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* 4. Any additional thoughts you want to share with me?

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