1. UCF's Decade of Opportunity

This has been an amazing decade of accomplishment, achievement and recognition for the University of Central Florida. Don’t miss your opportunity to cast votes for the most important UCF stories from the 2000s.

A panel of UCF experts developed a list of the 10 most significant stories of the decade that demonstrate how we have fulfilled our promise that "UCF Stands For Opportunity." We need you to select the top five stories.

There are no right or wrong answers, and the selection criteria are completely up to you.

Spread the word and vote quickly … voting ends Dec. 11 and UCF will unveil the winners starting Dec. 14.

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* 1. Select the five most memorable stories from the 2000s from the list below.

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* 3. How does the Decade of Opportunity project impact your interest in receiving more news about UCF?

* 4. Where do you most often get your news about UCF?

* 5. What type of UCF news most interests you?

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Community partnerships
Student achievement
Economic impact
Arts & culture
Alumni achievement
Institutional updates (enrollment, rankings, etc.)