Ah, the lazy days of summer: the pool, the beach, the park...a couple months of maximum relaxation, right? Not always! Lots of girls work during the summer, so weigh in with your opinions of summer jobs.

* 1. Of the following popular summer jobs for teens, which would be your ultimate summer dream job(s)?

* 2. Would any of the following be a “dealbreaker”, a.k.a. something that would prevent you from taking a summer job? Check all that apply!

* 3. Would any of the following perks sway you to take a job? Check all that apply!

* 4. What percentage of your friends will be working for pay this summer?

* 5. Do you have a job lined up for this summer? Check all that apply!

* 6. Summer income can add up and leave you feeling like a millionaire come September! In your opinion, how important is it to save up for the following things?

  Super Important Somewhat Important Not Important at All
Short-term savings (like spending money for the school year)
Long-term savings (cash saved for education or other future goals)
Extracurricular activities (equipment, supplies, and/or lessons)
Gadgets (like iPods, cell phones, or cameras)
Media subscriptions (like Netflix or magazines)
School supplies
Shoes and accessories (including jewelry, makeup, and bags)
Special events (like concerts or sporting events)
Transportation (from bus or subway fare to car expenses)
Contributions (for example, to my faith organization or a charity or cause I support)
Helping out with family obligations (like food, housing, or tuition costs)

* 7. What are some of the rewards you want to come from your work experiences?
Check all that apply!

* 8. It’s normal to feel nervous about taking the risk of starting a new or first job. What are your biggest fears? Check all that apply!

* 9. You might have to go on an interview to land your summer dream job or internship. Imagine you’re at an interview and your potential employer asks, “Why are YOU the right candidate for this job?” What would you say?

* 10. The Girls Inc. Girls’ Bill of Rights states, “Girls have the right to prepare for interesting work and economic independence.” How do you think a summer job or internship can help YOU put this right into action?

* 11. About You: