Introduction to the Advancing Teams in Community Health Program

Thank you for your interest in the Advancing Teams in Community Health Program. This 10-month Program is designed to build leadership, teams, and improvement capacity at community health centers in Massachusetts.
Please complete the application below and submit the required letter(s) of support by Wednesday, August 31st.

* 1. Community Health Center

* 2. Leadership Sponsor(s) 

Your Leadership Sponsor(s) should be your Executive Director, Chief Medical Officer or other leadership team member who can help support your team over the course of the next 10 months. This person will be required to attend a half-day orientation meeting in October, and several other events throughout the program period.

* 3. Day-to-Day Leader
This is the lead point-person between your team and the Advancing Teams Program faculty.

* 4. Please describe your CHC’s patient demographics.

* 5. Do you currently involve patients in your improvement projects? Do you anticipate involving a patient partner on your team? Please describe.

* 6. What types of trainees are currently involved at your CHC?

* 7. Please state your reason for participating in this program.

* 8. The Advancing Teams Program design requires that CHCs select an improvement project upon which to focus and apply their learning over the course of the project. Please choose from one of the recommended focus areas below or identify another focus area for your improvement work.

* 9. Please state how your selected project aligns with your organization’s strategic plan.

* 10. Please state how the selected project aligns with your community’s health priorities.

In addition, please email the letter(s) of support outlined below to
  • (Mandatory) A letter of support from your CHC’s Leadership Sponsor that outlines engagement and commitment to program time and resources
  • (Optional) A letter(s) of support for trainee engagement from the affiliated training program(s)