* 1. Please tell us which district/ESD/organization you represent.

* 2. What is your role?

* 3. How satisfied are you now with the quality of data your organization collects and submits?

  Not satisfied at all Lots of room for improvement Some room for improvement A little room for improvement Satisfied as can be
Satisfaction level

* 4. Please tell us about your rating above.

* 5. Name your top three areas for improving data quality, in order of importance.

* 6. How many data submitters do you have? What training do they receive?

* 7. What kind of training from ODE would help you improve data quality?

* 8. What are you doing to ensure high-quality data for the teacher-student link collections? (IUID, Class Roster, next year's Staff Assignment)

* 9. Are there any data coming back from ODE that you do not use because of data quality concerns?

* 10. Please share any additional comments you may have about data quality.