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Each year, Today's Facility Manager sponsors the annual Facility Executive of the Year competition. This honor recognizes the achievements of a FACILITY MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL involved in a recent construction or renovation project (preferably completed between January 2010 and June 2011, or later). As the industry's most prestigious form of recognition, TFM's Facility Executive of the Year includes featured coverage in TFM's January 2013 issue.

Individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by a person, agency, or member of TFM's Editorial Advisory Board or staff. Clients can be nominated, as long as the nominee is a qualified facility manager from an owner occupied building. Unfortunately, property managers from third party firms are not eligible. The nominee must approve his/her nomination and must currently be employed by the company where the project took place.

Nomination forms must be complete. All questions on the form below are mandatory.

Magazine quality photos of the nominee and project are also mandatory in in order for the judges to consider this entry. Please send photos to Include the phrase "FEY Nomination" in the subject line of the e-mail.

Electronic images must meet the following requirements: JPG, TIFF, or EPS format, 300 DPI (dots per inch) at a minimum of 3" x 5". (If smaller than 3" x 5", DPI must be higher.)

DEADLINE: Nominations and photographs are due Tuesday, October 9, 2012.

Questions? Call Anne Vazquez at (732) 559-1250 or e-mail

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3. Who submitted this nomination?

All questions must be answered. Incomplete nominations will be omitted from the competition. To view a sample of the winning entry from 2011, download this pdf: 2011 FEY Sample Nomination
What should the judges know about this project?

4. Organization's name:

5. City:

6. State:

7. Zip/Postal Code:

8. Type of facility (manufacturing, healthcare, education, etc.):

9. Type of project (renovation, new construction, master plan, etc.):

10. Number of employees in organization:

11. Budget (total budget, dollars/sq.ft, etc.):

12. Total square feet directly involved in the project:

13. Start date:

14. Completion date:

15. Please describe the project:

16. Why should this nominee win?

17. How was the nominee innovative in his/her approach to the project? How did the nominee use innovative thinking to overcome any challenges faced during the project? (Include specific examples please.)

18. How did the nominee address the long-term needs and goals of organization through his/her work on this project? What is the company’s mission statement, and how does the nominee’s work on this project mesh with the broader objectives of the organization? (Include examples.)

19. How did the nominee’s involvement improve operations, efficiency, and the bottom line? (Did the completion of the project result in a major benefit to the organization? Increased output? A new client? Better customer service ratings from a verified, third party? SUPPORTING DATA IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO SUPPORT CLAIMS.)

20. What kind of human improvements did the nominee achieve during this project? Productivity? Increased customer satisfaction? Outstanding safety results or awards? (Did absenteeism numbers decline? Have productivity measurements improved? What about injuries, OSHA inspection results and other events that create downtime? Include statistical evidence.)

21. What efforts did the nominee make to incorporate sustainable design practices? Has LEED certification been pursued? What about Energy Star or other programs? (Include utility data—metered energy consumption and square footage, before and after the project, if applicable, and any rebates, subsidies, or circumstances that might limit broad transferability or applicability of the technologies involved. Also include evidence that the facility is providing the environmental conditions and functionality intended.)

22. Did your candidate select the products and services for this project? If so, please provide the names of the vendors/service providers in the following categories, if applicable. For instance: "XYZ Widgets from ABC Company."

Supplementary information can be mailed to:

Anne Vazquez
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