* 2. Please complete the following information:

As a result of receiving Early Childhood supports and services from MECA Therapies, MY FAMILY and I …

* 3. …are continuously provided with verbal and/or written descriptions of our family rights under the Family Infant Toddler Program

* 4. …were provided with a comprehensive and accurate developmental evaluation

* 5. …are provided with opportunities to develop and participate in our family plan

* 6. …are comfortable with the service providers who worked with our child and family

As a result of receiving early intervention supports and services, MY CHILD…

* 7. …receives services in a timely manner

* 8. …is provided with the services indicated on his/her IFSP

* 9. … is making visible gains towards the outcomes written on their IFSP

* 10. …received a transition plan before leaving the program

* 11. …was transitioned into a program that will meet ongoing needs

* 12. Please take the time to write comments, changes, improvements or positive statements regarding MECA's Early Childhood Program and its services.

 Thank you for your time in completing this survey. We will use this information as we strive to make MECA’s Early Intervention program the best it can be for the families we serve.