2018 Annual Operations Plans // Public Comment Opportunity:

The Oregon Department of Forestry provides active integrated forest management of five state forests. These are the Clatsop, Santiam, and Tillamook State Forests in northwest Oregon, and the Gilchrist and Sun Pass, located east of the Cascades. In addition to these state forests, ODF manages scattered forestlands in southwest Oregon in the vicinity of Veneta, Grants Pass and Coos Bay. State-owned forestlands represent about three percent (approximately 750,000 acres) of the total amount of forestland in Oregon.

Each district’s Annual Operations Plan (AOP) contains the specific information about harvest objectives and forest projects that accomplish the current Implementation Plan, designed to reach the goals of a long-term Forest Management Plan. An AOP is a one-year blueprint that describes the activities of the upcoming fiscal year. The 2018 AOP comment period is open from March 20 to May 4, 2017. 


Who may comment?
Any interested individual, group or business may comment on any or all annual operations plans.
What types of comments are in scope?
  • Comments that improve clarity on how planned operations are described.  
  • Comments that provide additional information, new information or corrections.  
  • Comments that provide suggestions to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  
  • Comments that improve consistency of an annual plan with the implementation plan and/or forest management plan.  
Why does ODF seek comments?

The purpose of the comment period is to share the annual operations plans with the public and to provide an opportunity for the public to ask questions and offer comments that have the potential to improve the plans.  

How are comments used?

Comments related to a district’s operations receive district attention; comments that extend beyond single-district issues are considered by regional area staff and statewide program staff. 

Thank you for taking the time to read the plan(s) and participate by taking the following survey.

* My comments pertain to the following Annual Operations Plan: (Please note, the Western Lane District's AOP will be available for review and comment later in the year.)

* I understand the Annual Operations Plan (AOP) is a one-year operating plan based on a 10-year Implementation Plan that achieves the goals of a long-term Forest Management Plan.

* I find that this AOP is consistent with the desired future condition as described in the district's Implementation Plan.

* The harvest ranges for partial cutting or modified clearcutting appear to be consistent and not in conflict with the goals in the district's Implementation Plan.

* The stated objective for each sale in the plan is clear.

* All activities in the plan are described clearly.

* The Annual Operations Plan represents the most efficient and cost-effective methods to achieve the objectives.

* I can provide additional information not included in the plan.

* Name and preferred reply email address: