Hi! This is Ben Stubbs, founder and head instructor at Flamenco4U. I've been teaching private in-home, group/workshops, and online flamenco guitar lessons for over a decade.
...And I need your advice. Right now I am recording and posting video tutorials on how to play the flamenco guitar. I want to design an online course that can eliminate your #1 flamenco guitar progress killer. 
Take this quick quiz so I can make the perfect flamenco guitar course for YOU!
To say thanks, I am going to give you for FREE my "Flamenco Modes (E Major)" study guide at the end of the survey that you will LOVE! I 
...And maybe I'll have a little something extra for you... just to say thanks 😉

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* 1. When it comes to learning the Flamenco guitar (or just guitar in general), what is your single biggest challenge or concern?

Please be as specific and detailed as possible about your problem so that I can best address your problem in my course. (Please go beyond just saying something like, "the fretboard.")😉

e.g., No matter how hard I try to string a couple of chords together to make a flamenco sound on my crap guitar, I find myself getting nowhere close to my dream of simply getting that flamenco sound or even just getting a clear-sounding barre chord.

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* 2. Which of the following best describes you?

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* 3. How long have you been playing guitar?