1. Tell us who you are

We are seeking multiple perspectives on the proposed survey. By telling us a few characteristics, we will be better able to ensure that we get input from various stakeholders and backgrounds

* 1. Where do you work?

* 2. What is your role as it relates to student surveys? (*check all that apply)

* 3. Which of the following surveys are you familar with?

  Have not heard of it Have heard of it, but not used the data Have seen a report from it Occasionally use data from it Use data from it regularly
Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Maine Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey
Maine Youth Tobacco Survey
Maine Child Health Survey
Search Institute's Developmental Assets
Kids Count
National Center for Student Aspirations Survey

* 4. Please list any other sources of student health data that you have used in recent years

* 5. Please tell us the type of experience you have had with student surveys in recent years. If multiple choices apply, please indicate that in the comments section.