1. Information and Guidelines for 2018 Lindy Lopez-Butner Grant

Purpose: Lindy Lopez-Butner exemplified the high ideals of an unusually competent, sensitive, caring ELL teacher who sacrificed her own time and comfort for the well-being of her students, especially the neediest ones, Georgia TESOL has set up a memorial grant in her honor.
The purpose of the grant is to promote the professional development of a promising ELL teacher who is a current member in good standing of Georgia TESOL, has a worthy plan or goal that will ultimately benefit ESL students, but lacks the resources or materials to achieve his or her goal.

Amount: up to $1000

Criteria: Applications are evaluated on the basis of (a) rationale, (b) relevance for ELL students, (c) objectives, (d) implementation plan, (e) evaluation plan, (f) budget, (g) plan for sharing, and (h) strength of the recommendation letter.

To Apply: 1) Complete this Lindy Lopez-Butner Memorial Grant application survey and 2) Submit one letter of recommendation. The recommendation letter must be submitted by the application due date via email to the Grants & Awards Co-Chair, Lela Horne, at LHorne@marietta-city.k12.ga.us. No PDF files, please; Word documents are preferred. The subject line should read "Recommendation letter for X person for Lopez-Butner Grant".

Due Date: Applications and reference letters must be submitted by September 12th.

Review Committee: Three or more Members-at-Large of the Georgia TESOL Executive Board will conduct a blind review of all complete applications.

1. The grant will be offered on a yearly basis.
2. The Review Committee may recommend to divide the grant between 2 or more recipients.
3. The recipient(s) and other applicants will be notified of the committee's decision by October 15.
4. A grantee may not reapply for at least three years.
5. The Review Committee may decide that no grant will be provided for a given year.
6. The grantee agrees to:
a. give a presentation related to the project at a Georgia TESOL conference AND
b. write an article related to the grant for the GA TESOL Newsletter
c. Any questions regarding the grant can be directed to the Grants & Awards Co-Chair, Lela Horne, at LHorne@marietta-city.k12.ga.us

* 1. Rationale: Why do you want this grant?

* 2. Relevance: How will your grant project benefit ELL students?

* 3. Objectives: Who is your target population? How will this grant help
to meet the standards and expectations of your program?

* 4. Implementation Plan: How will you go about using this grant project in your classroom?

* 5. Evaluation plan: How will you measure the success of this grant project?

* 6. Itemized Budget: Please provide details on how the grant money would be used and please also list any other grants or monies you may receive for this purpose.

* 7. Sharing: How will you share your grant project with Georgia TESOL colleagues? Be as specific as possible and please note the requirements of the grant as listed in the grant description.