1. Communication of Self Harm

Please be aware that you must be aged 18 or over to participate in this research.

This study is two questionnaires asking (1) self harm behaviours and (2) differences in ways you communicate about your self-harm. The study is part of a third year student dissertation project conducted by Eleanor Rix of Leeds Trinity University College, UK. It has been approved by the Leeds Trinity University Institutional Review Board. This study does not involve deception, if you do feel unable to carry on with the study you are free to withdraw at any point.

Participation typically takes 15-20 minutes and is anonymous. You are free to answer with as much or as little detail as you feel able to answer, however the more detail you give, the more understanding of self harm there will be in the future.

The questionnaires are researching into the topic of communication, online and in person, and how they differ. The first questionnaire is a brief self harm behaviour questionnaire, which consists of 21 questions, followed be a second questionnaire which will be asking 11 questions on how you communicate to others about your self-harm. Please answer all the questions on the communication questionnaire with as much detail as possible as this research could be used to change people’s understanding of self harm and how to treat the condition. However please note that you are not obligated to respond to all questions in the study if you feel unable to.

If you feel that you cannot continue and don’t want your information to be used then you are able to withdraw from the study from one month from participating in the research. All answer sheets shall be anonymised and allocated a number so that I can identify your answers and ensure all information is disposed of.

Please be aware that all personal identifiable information such as names, age, screen names etc; shall not be used in my results and shall be omitted if mentioned. Your results are anonymous and you will be allocated a number so that I am able to track your information.

This research is a part of a third year Psychology dissertation; therefore your replies shall be viewed by my supervisor and examiners but that your results will be kept confidential and anonymous. All responses will be held in strict confidence, and in no case will data from individual participants be identified. The responses are collected online where only the researcher has access to and will be downloaded and removed from the internet once collected.

After completing the study, I shall send you a debrief sheet with more information on what I am researching so that you can understand what your results will be used for.

There is a potential risk of being triggered or distressed when being asked personal questions about how you communicate about your self-harm to other people. Please ensure that you feel able to answer the questions and are in a safe environment. If you feel unable to answer a question, then you are able to omit that response. If at any point in the study you feel triggered please withdraw from the study and contact The Samaritans at 08457909090 (UK).

By completing and returning both of the questionnaires, you are giving consent to be part of the study.

This study is part of a dissertation by student Eleanor Rix (contact 0802333@leedstrinity.ac.uk). If you have further questions about this study or your rights, or if you wish to lodge a complaint or concern, you may contact my supervisor Doctor Alison Torn at a.torn@leedstrinity.ac.uk or the Leeds Trinity University Institutional Review Board at st.jones@leedstrinity.ac.uk.

* 1. Before answering the questionnaires, please reply to these two questions so that I can ensure that you are over 18 and have read the information sheet.

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* 4. I give my consent to take part in this study...

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