In a world full of diverse talents and perspectives, children and youth with physical disabilities have unique strengths and insights that deserve to shine. At Easter Seals Ontario, we celebrate these differences and believe in magnifying the powerful voices that often go unheard.
For 76 years, the Easter Seals Ambassador Program has been empowering young people with physical disabilities to discover what makes them remarkable. We're passionate about nurturing the self-confidence of these young individuals, helping them recognize their immense potential while equipping them with crucial life skills such as networking and public speaking.
Position Description: 
Every year, two young people are selected to represent Easter Seals Ontario as Provincial Ambassadors for a full-year term (usually running from March to April of the following year). Ambassadors are asked to prepare and deliver speeches to various audiences at a range of events across the province. Ambassadors are also requested to participate in media interviews, photoshoots, videos, and other campaigns and initiatives to promote the organization and advocate for the interests of children and youth with physical disabilities. 
Easter Seals also provides Regional Ambassador roles for those interested in undertaking similar responsibilities at a local level. Regional term lengths and start dates vary. Applicants can apply for both Regional and Provincial positions; however, they will be selected for only one.
Position Requirements: 
  • Applicants must be registered clients with Easter Seals Ontario and preferably will have benefitted from our programs/services.
  • Provincial Ambassador applicants must be between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.
  • Regional Ambassador applicants must be under 19 years old.
  • Applicants must be capable of independent communication. The use of communication devices or the assistance of a full-time translator is acceptable and supported.
  • Provincial Ambassadors and a parent/guardian must be available to travel to and attend evening and daytime events across Ontario throughout their term (approximately 1-3 events per month). 
  • Must be comfortable speaking in public and with media about the positive impact that Easter Seals has had in their life. 
  • Willingness to participate and be featured in various Easter Seals Ontario initiatives, campaigns, and materials.
  • Previous experience with public speaking/speaking with media is an asset. 
  • Previous experience/interest in creating disability advocacy-focused social media content is an asset. 
  • Must be enthusiastic, responsible, and reliable. 
  • Must act as a role model and advocate for other children and youth with physical disabilities. 
Benefits and Opportunities of the Ambassador Role
Embarking on the journey as an Ambassador for Easter Seals Ontario is about more than just representation—it's a transformative experience. Successful candidates will have the unique opportunity to hone crucial life skills, from public speaking to networking. As you advocate for children and youth with physical disabilities, you'll find your own voice growing stronger and more impactful. Beyond skill development, you'll connect with a supportive community and form lasting relationships with fellow advocates, all while making a tangible difference. 

Please note that the Ambassador roles within Easter Seals Ontario are honorary volunteer positions; they do not come with monetary compensation.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2023
For any questions, please contact Robyn Visheau at rvisheau@eastersea