* 1. The fees you pay for a Mount St. Helens climbing permit support the US Forest Service and the Mount St. Helens Institute. Both organizations are responsible for trail maintenance and for having a presence on the trail. Please check all that apply below.

* 2. Please rate the Mount St. Helens Institute Staff and Volunteers

  Very Somewhat Not Very N/A
Visible on the mountain

* 3. Please rate the trail.

  Very Somewhat Not so good
The climbing route is well maintained
The trail is well marked
The bathrooms are clean and well supplied

* 4. The number of people on the trail is

* 5. I would support implementation of a blue bag system (for carrying out human waste)on the climb.

* 6. I would be interested in more Ranger Talks or scientific interpretation on the trail

* 7. If you camped, please tell us where

  Climber's Bivouac Cougar Campground Beaver Bay Campground Swift Forest Camp Lower Falls Other
I camped at:

* 8. Please tell us about your camping experience

  Very Good Good OK Needs Improvement Bad
The number of campsites is
The location of camping in proximity to the climb is
Campsites are clean and ammenities are well-kept

* 9. The one thing that would improve my experience of climbing would be...