If you or a member of your team is interested in presenting at RSA TechFest, we need the following information for session selection consideration. Presenters can also present more than one session. We are looking for sessions across all products/solutions.

Select Your Topic Carefully. This can be the most challenging aspect of the entire process. You need to consider:

1) Technical level of the topic. Over 40% of the attendees has more than 10 years experience in the field. This group is looking for highly technical and high level strategic information and demonstrations. Similarly, roughly one third of our audience has fewer than five years of experience. Although they are not as experienced, they still want detailed technical information. Review the session classification choices carefully, and based on the topic, consider creating a proposal that is technical in nature, including technology demos, architectural discussions, and code-level examples and explanations.

2) Educational value of the topic. RSA TechFest attendees respond very positively to detailed case studies and real implementation stories that they can use when they return home. They want to leave RSA TechFest equipped with “lessons learned”, especially as they relate to new technologies or approaches to security analytics.

3) Not all topics have to be technical in nature. We are also encouraging professional development/soft skill session topics. If you have insight that can help guide the career of attendees, then by all means, submit a session.