TruAdvocates Internship
Checklist, Summary, and Instructions

TruEvolution is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to fighting for LGBT justice and advocating for the prevention and elimination of HIV/Aids in America.

This internship program aims to help foster activist in San Bernardino and Riverside counties. As an intern you will get to work with a variety of our staff and learn skills that will further your career. You will be given real projects to work on with expected outcomes. This program will provide a space for professional development and allow interns to have a door into the non-profit sector.

We are looking for people who love their communities and have a passion for change. Someone who is innovative, thoughtful, and creative. Someone who is willing to get in there and do the work themselves.


You will learn:

How to send professional emails

Create a budget

Create a program

Create strategic plans

Relationship building

How to track progress

And much more.

To apply you will need a:

Completed application

Resume in PDF

One letter of recommendation