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* 7. Are you available to work on weekends?

* 8. Would you be available to work overtime, if necessary?

* 9. If hire, on what date can you start work?

* 10. Salary desired?

* 11. Have you ever applied to or worked for TruEvolution?

* 12. If yes, When?

* 13. Do you have any friend or relatives working for TruEvolution?

* 14. If Yes, State name(s) and relationship

* 15. If hired, would you have a reliable means of transportation to and from work?

* 16. Are you at least 18 years old? if under 18, hire is subject to verification that means you are of minimum legal age.

* 17. If hired, can you present evidence of your UC citizenship or your proof of your legal right to live and work in this country?

* 18. Are you able to perform the essential function of the job for without reasonable accommodations?

* 19. If no, describe the function that cannot be performed. Note: We comply with the ADA and consider reasonable accommodation measures that may be necessary for eligible applicants.employees to perform essential functions. Hire may be subject to passing a medical examination and to skill and agility test.

* 20. Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense? felony or serious misdemeanor. (Convictions for marijuana related offenses that are more than two years old need not be listed)

* 21. If yes, state nature of the crime(s), when and where convicted and disposition of the case. Note: no applicant will be denied employment solely on the grounds of conviction of a criminal offense. The nature of the offense, the date of the offense, the surrounding circumstances and relevance of the offense to the position(s) applied may, however, be considered.)

* 22. Are you currently employed?

* 23. If so, may we contact your current employer?

* 24. Education, Training, and Experience:

* 25. Education, Training, and Experience:

* 26. Education, Training, and Experience:

* 27. Many of our clients do not speak English, do you speak, write or understand any foreign language?

* 28. If yes, which language(s)?

* 29. Do you have any other experience, training, qualifications or skills which you feel make you especially suited for work at TruEvolution?

* 30. If so, please explain:

* 31. Employment History. List below all present and past employment starting with your most recent employer (last 5 years is sufficient) Account for all periods of unemployment. You must complete this section event attaching a resume.

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* 34. Reference. List below three persons not related t you who have knowledge of your work performance within the last three years.

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