For each statement, click the button in the column that best describes your team. Please answer the questions as you actually are (rather than how you think you should be), and don't worry if some questions seem to score "in the wrong direction". When you are finished, please click the "Done" button at the bottom. We will then send you an email with a link to our calendar so we can schedule a review of the results. Please plan for at least a 45-minute call and it will be held on GoToMeeting so an internet connection will be required.

* 1. My team is knowledgeable about the stages of development teams can be expected to go through.

* 2. Team members are provided with a great deal of feedback regarding their performance.

* 3. Team members are encouraged to work for the common good of the organization.

* 4. There are many complaints, and morale is low on my team

* 5. Team members don't understand the decisions that are made, or don't agree with them.

* 6. People are encouraged to be good team members, and build good relationships.

* 7. Team members are provided with development opportunities.

* 8. Meetings are inefficient and there is a lot of wall overlap.

* 9. Team members are encouraged to commit to the team vision, and leaders help them understand how their role fits into the big picture.

* 10. Team members are often given a chance to work on interesting tasks and stretch their knowledge and capabilities.

* 11. The team understands what it needs to accomplish and has the resources needed to be successful

* 12. Conflict and hostility between members is a pervasive issue that doesn't seem to get better

* 13. People feel that good work is not rewarded and they are not sure what is expected of them.

* 14. Team members balance their individual needs for autonomy with the benefits of mutual interdependence.

* 15. Working relationships across units or functions is poor and there is a lack of coordination.

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